7600 k7 profiles and soft proofing

hi so im using the K7-2800 profiles as instructed for printing piezo K7 on my 7600 in the QTR printer dialogue
but none of these profiles appear in Print-tool for soft proofing. im a bit confused as to what to use for softproofing the k7 7600?
any help greatly appreciated.

The soft proof profiles are in Photoshop. These are ICC profiles and not (.quad) curves… Print-Tool is not where you want to softproof. Soft-proof in photoshop. You will see various “Piezography” profiles there. Make sure to soft proof with “Preserve RGB Numbers” turned on as is written in the instructions.


I’m sure that this is also in the instructions, but it’s probably worth adding that under this workflow with “Preserve (RGB) Numbers” enabled, you don’t specify the ICC when you print via Print Tool. Typically you’d edit the image in Grey Gamma 2.2 or AdobeRGB, soft-proof, and leave it that way for printing.

The alternative workflow is to leave “Preserve (RGB) Numbers” unchecked, soft-proof that way, and then do specify the ICC when printing via Print Tool. This worflow is what you’d typically use for colour printing. It’s not usually recommended by IJM for Piezography because converting to the ICC “crushes the shadows” and you risk losing shadow detail, but it can be effective for some images without deep shadows, or at least without detail in the deep shadows.

I wrote a tongue-in-cheeck blog article about the differences between these two workflows a few years back, prompted in part by a hard line that Jon ran against ever using the ICC when printing. I get the sense that the IJM line on this has since softened.