7600 k6 + go

Hello all,

I have an Epson 7600 in very good condition.

1 - I know its possible to print Piezog. K6 + GO but can’t find the curves.
I found: GO curve, with GO cartrige in K (?) position. K6 curves for matte papers. And K7 curves for glossy curves but, naturaly without GO because in this case there is no room for it. But no K6 curves + GO.
(paper I use: Canson platine fiber rag in Neutral ink and woold like to try Carbon).

2 - I have also a 7890 that has the well known problem of the erratic GO printing, so I’m going to use the 7600 to give it. As I have a third printer, another 7600 with several ink channels working I also woold like to no if it’s possible to put it print GO with three or for cartriges at same time.

Many thanks

Rui Duarte

Dear Rui. I don’t think we have K6 + GO curves for that printer as we came out with K6GO many generations after that printer stopped being sold by Epson.

I’m going to look back in my archives and see if we have any curves made up for either 76 or 22 (same print-head) on that paper. We are working on re-organizing our curves library so rest assured, finding all of our available curves (and master curves) will be easier soon.

Your 9600 should be used as your GO printer. It’s MUCH MUCH better than the 7890 printers for GO printing. I don’t suggest printing GO with any x890 or x900 wide format printer because of it’s paper sensor issues and various ink starvation that happens when printing a single channel at anything other than 5 second delays between print-passes.

The other 9600 (with a few good channels) will work well with the GO and yes you can print multiple channels at a time. You just need a custom GO curve applied that we can build for you. (custom curve rate is $99). This would certainly up the dependability of the 9600 as a GO printer.


Hello Walker,
Thank you for your answer.
I guess, if you don’t find the curves I need, there is no problem in ordering them for the papers and inks I’ll use.
I’ll also order the GO multiple channels curve.
I’m sending a link from this forum - http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/showthread.php?777-K7-Gloss-setup-Epson-7600&highlight=7600 - about this matter, I think it can be usefull.

Best regards