7600 always printing in portrait mode using QTR with ROLL feed

Hi all,
this is driving me nuts!
in either Print-tool or Adobe LR
if i select 20x24 paper and landscape it always prints portrait wasting 4 inches of expensive paper every time. previewing in either QTR or LR does show the 20mm roll lead are properly but it still prints in portrait anyway… grrrrr
ive tried setting a custom paper 24x20 but cant get it to print . i keep getting an “image size illegal” error in the OSX print queue window.
any suggestions!?

Ok. Do the following.

  1. Use print tool. Keep in Portrait mode.
  2. Create custom paper size that is 24x20 (the roll is 24" wide).
  3. Rotate your image to be vertical if it is a landscape image.
  4. Select the custom paper size (described above).
  5. Drag your image into print tool.
  6. Print.

Always print in portrait mode when debugging stuff.
As I described in the QTR forum, always set the width of your custom paper size to the width of the roll in your printer.


yes ive done that but then 609.6 x 508 mm but then i get this illegal size error message. ive tried setting the 7600 default printer margin in the custom size dialogue box also. no go.

You can also turn the paper size sensor off on the printer. This may help matters.