4900 with 3 cloggs after flshing fluid

I have a 4900 that got clogged from non use. (my bad). I got the flushing fluid and a spare set of cartridges and have done several initial fills. I have 3 colors that do not print anything on the print check. VM (seems that I saw a lot of posts with VM problems strange). VLM and LC.

I did an initial ink charge, waited 48 hours, did it a second time. no change. I did power cleans on just the c/vm and vlm/lc a few times waiting a day between cleans.

I have now reread the posts here, and understand that I should avoid the power cleans.
I boughgt 700 ml as well as a second 110 ml bottle of flush. I have not opened the 110 bottle. I hate to run the initial charge cycles because I will be out of fluid in the other cartridges soon.

I have the maintenance manual, and am considering taking out the print head and trying to clean just the blocked heads.

When I look at the fill tubes, the top tube and the second to bottom tube look darker, like they are not full of flushing fluid. The second tube has some air bubles in it.

What are my best options?

My understanding is that I should avoid power cleans. That the initial fill sucks the ink through, them. Is there a way to do just one or two channels?

The printer is a few years old, with no parts replaced. IT has very few prints made on it. (I got it for a project that did not work out). Almost al of the ink used has been cleaning cycles trying to keep it clear. (which is probably harder than using it.

I am willing to take the cleaning head apart if that is what is needed.

I am also trying to read the manual and see if there is a correlation between the 3 tubes and the clogged heads. If the head is clogged, maybe the flush fluid is not getting to head to fix it.

In the past, I used the paper and windex or paper and water to try and dissolve the clog in the head. I will try that with a little flushing fluid while I am waiting for a reply.


I should mention, that I bought the thrift ink and am trying to get the printer unclogged to try it. On the thrift ink pages they mention that is is so low cost you can use it to flush. so that is an option, I can switch over to the thrift inks and try the intial fills and cycles with it… if that would work.

I let the printer stand for 48 hours, and used a paper towel with flush solution a few times. The first time I got some dark ink so I let it soak a few more minutes and did it a second time. I then did a ink charge and test print. THE CLOGGED HEADS printed fine. BUT I had 2 new heads with nothing printing. Since these printed before with flush fluid, I am pretty sure that these are the lines that got air in them. I have some old cartridges with baggs in them, as well as the old chip and some of the batteries dies, so I ended up taking a few of the cartridges in and out a few times.

I have a second set of cartridges that I cleaned with water and flush fluid. I am going to rinse them in distilled water and switch over to the thrift ink.


Hi wilsonintexas~

I’m glad PiezoFlush and an Initial Fill cycle brought back the three non-printing channels.
Regarding the two new channels that are now not printing:

  1. Are ANY nozzles printing from these two positions, or are the entire channels blank?
  2. Did you prime the refill carts after filling with PiezoFlush, before installing into the printer?
  3. Did you remove the air vet plug from all the refill carts before installing into the printer?
  4. What two color positions are now not printing?
  5. Please examine the ink lines- do you see air inside, or are they all filled with fluid (ink or flush)?