4900 - OR and GR channel problems

The OR channel has never given me a complete pattern but the GR channel worked nicely - see image 1. With time on my hands I decided to piezoflush all the channels, clean the capping station and flushing box. Then both OR and GR did not show any patterns when printed with flush in the lines. Left the flush in for 48 hours and printed again - see image 2. Then I decided to add back the inks- image 3.

FYI - I purged both OR and GR carts for both Piezoflush and inks.


  1. Before Flushing
  2. After 4 flushes: 2 x flushes then left the piezoflush in for 48 hours and repeated with 2 more flushes. Cleaned capping station and flushing box. Clean head as per Dana video. Could not find the wiper.
  3. After replacing the flush with the inks

Any help would be appreciated.

It looks to me like your damper & cleaning-assembly units are going. Have these been replaced in the last 2 years?

Hi Walker, No they have not. Is this the unit?



That is part of the unit. The cleaning assembly (emphasis on the word “assembly” here) is the entire shibang with the flush box, vacuum motor, etc.


OK. Just to get a jump on this, does Epson sell them to individuals or do I need to have it installed by a tech? Obviously the former is assuming that I will be able to do the work myself.


compassmicro.com has them.

Thank you Walker. I will update later.

Best, David