4900 frustrations!



We have a 4900 at our small college. I “mothball” it for the period btw. 6/1 and the beginning of our fall term in Sept., by installing IJM carts containing PiezoFlush. I wish I could say this was an easy, straightforward process.

I use the Epson Adjustment Program to flush all the ink from the lines and head, and pumping in the PF. This keeps the printer from clogging up over the summer when it is not used, although we find it to be much more tempermental and subject to clogs than either of our 3800’s. This time, when I installed them, the entire left bank of carts won’t be recognized by the printer. I have tried replacing all the batteries in these carts, since almost all were dead. Though purchased at the same time, the right-hand bank of carts are all recognized, despite being the same age and despite still containing their original batteries–go figure. In the process of changing left-side batteries, I discovered at least three whose chips were made or designed badly—the tabs that hold the battery in place are caught on the cart as you attempt to lift up one end of the chip to expose the battery chamber. Also, the battery holder’s metal tabs that make contact with the chip on the long sides can catch on the edge of the chip holder as you pivot the chip back down onto the holder. These flaws make it easy–almost inevitable— to bend or detach the battery chamber from the chip board! Now I have at least these three chip holders that I don’t trust. And no matter how carefully I insert the carts, I still can’t get any of the left bank accepted by the printer. I think I’m going to need an entire new set of chips! I’ve had problems getting the IJM carts recognized by the printer even when they were new!

Even though the panel reports all of the right-bank carts as recognized, should I get more batteries and replace the rest? Can a dead battery in one cart affect the acceptance of a different cart? My experience is limited but I have seen a battery in these carts die between February and June. I think IJM is terrific and there is no better, or patient, trouble-shooter on the web than Dana, but I am not liking these carts and their chips!!


I should have mentioned that the Epson ink carts are recognized by the printer, so I assume that the printer itself is not at fault. Sorry for ranting!


Hi Jonathan~

I apologize for not responding sooner. After being involved in several workshops recently, I’m now catching up on email, so am sorry to have kept you waiting.

I haven’t experienced or received other reports of what you explain about the 4900 chips, though suspect based on the age of the chips, that your original problem was caused by dead batteries, which in my experience can sometimes effect more cartridge positions that the one(s) with a dead battery. I recommend getting fresh chips to replace the three you’re concerned about, and expect the fresh chips/batteries will make your printer accept the refillable cartridges again.
It’s good that your printer is correctly accepting the Epson cars, so the sensors are working correctly, which makes me feel more confident that your issue is caused by old/dead batteries.

Please let me know your results after attaching new chips, if you have further questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana