4900 Epson Sevice Program Test Print

Hi -

I used the Epson Service Program Initial Fill option to clear a stubbornly clogged LC channel. The Nozzle Check print now is very clean. Just for grins I ran the Test Print option in the Service Program and got this result which I guess shows some issues:


Actual test prints look great and I can see no other sign of problem. Does anyone know how to interpret this result?



I think everything is ok but I have to check the service manual. The top test (with the C and M lines) may be off.


Ok. So your head-slants are ok. But looking at the Inclined Carriage test (this prints LK channel I believe) you may have some smudges on the bottom of the ink cartridge itself.

A nozzle check may show some deflected nozzles printing.

Other than that you are ok.


Thank you, Walker.

I also looked at the manual and that is what I thought too. The nozzle check looks perfectly clean including the LK channel. I’ll give things a thorough cleaning and rerun it.