4900 Cyan nozzle won't clean


All the other colors print fine, but the CYAN clog won’t budge. Previously I performed an “initial fill cycle” with Piezo flush in the cyan and magenta channels. It cleared enough to print the cyan rows pink in the nozzle check, but but then clogged up again the following day. Afterwards I did 4-5 #3 cleanings through the control panel. Hasn’t changed much. Assuming the attachment shows, you can see that a section of the head - about 15% isn’t printing. Should I suspect bad dampers or something other than a damaged head?


This is a dead head. Cyan is the first to go on the 49s.



I appreciate your assessment. I guess there is no chance it would be the dampers or anything else? Now I need to decide if the one head is worth trashing the printer - maybe saving for B&W is a thought, though.


Yeah. This is a classic on the 49.

It would work with Piezo.

Or someone would probably buy it for a limited amount of money for Piezo.


Might be a good idea to sell for that as I need good color. Thanks.