4900 Cartridge Chip Question



I have a used 4900 that I am attempting to resurrect for black and white printing. The printer came with a set of Cone 350ml cartridges which are all presently loaded with piezoflush. After installing the cartridges I had some difficulties with the printer recognizing the cartridges correctly despite resetting all of the chips before installing the cartridges. Eventually I got all the cartridges to be recognized correctly but only after swapping some of them around.

I have noticed that each cartridge has a plastic “tab” on the side of it that apparently determines the cartridge’s position. By swapping the tabs you can change the cartridges between different locations. In my case, I had to swap green and cyan, changing the tabs accordingly, which solved the recognition problem. I also tried swapping other colors, again changing the tabs, but this generated recognition errors. (This printer was used for black and white piezography printing in its former life, so I have no real knowledge of exactly how the cartridges were laid out.)

My question is: Do the electronic chips have information about the color of the cartridge as well? I would have assumed that these only have information about the number of prints run and extrapolated fullness, not any information about the actual color in the cartridge. If they do not have information about the color, why do I get recognition errors when I swap cartridge locations?