4900 - Can you lay up PK channel with Piezo flush while using MK to print? And vice versa?

Hi Walker. You have helped me in the past and I look to the guru of Epson (that’s you) for advice.

QUESTION: I have a question on a hypothetical Piezo flush technique. On an Epson 4900, can you use your “Magic” carts and Piezo Flush to lay up the PK channel and its internal system while printing on MK and vice versa?

A little background so the general public can appreciate my question. I am a photo hobbyist with an Epson 4900. About 90% of the time I print MK with Hot Press Bright (love that paper). Well I got forgetful and did not switch and print on PK for about two months. Then recently with the intent of doing a PK print on Luster I switched K inks and did a nozzle check on PK. Yes you guessed it. The PK channel was blank.

Patience, persistence and luck (lot’s of luck) paid off. After 3 powerful cleans of the PK channel, waiting 3 hours between each cleaning (to not fry the head), switching back to MK, nozzle check on MK (100% good), switching back to PK, one last powerful clean on PK, nozzle check on PK…finally got back the PK to 100% (whew!). Did many test prints in PK with Luster after that to be sure and yes the PK is flowing/printing good.

So can this hypothetical technique (question above) preclude forgetfulness on my part? Thanks in advance.

Ted B.

Yes you can!