4880 wiper replacement

hi can anyone tell me how to replace the wiper in a Epson 4880. I have the service manual but cant find where it say’s how to change the wiper.

no one has replaced a wiper on a 4880 ??? Dana

It’s quite easy. The wiper blade is held in place with two small plastic tabs at the base of the wiper/wiper holder. Slide the wiper so it’s in an easy to access position, then gently unhook the wiper off the two plastic tabs at the bottom to release, then pop the new one in place- making sure it’s facing the same direction as the one you removed (note the lip on the top edge), straight and in all the way. DON’T touch the wiper blade with your bare hands/fingers, as oils from your skin can easily damage the print head.

I hope this helps.
Best~ Dana

thanks for the info . how would you get the wiper to come forward where you can do this? it will not let you pull it forward.

Looking at the 4800 field repair guide, it looks like the section about removing the pump cap assembly (which has the wiper blade attached) starts on page 92. After removing the right side cover, and looking in the back of the printer, you may be able to replace the wiper blade from this position. The photo on the bottom/right of page 95 shows the wiper blade at the back of the cap pump assembly.

Best~ Dana :slight_smile: