4880 - Refillable cartridge issues


I’ve got a 4880 with refillable cartridges running epson ink. I’m having an issue with the Light Black cartridge. The printer says “set ink cartridge”. The cart is full of ink and I’ve replaced and reset the chip multiple times. I also had this issue with the Vivid Light Magenta, but I was able to put some tape on the top side of the cartridge so it sat in the printer a little tighter. I also tried this with the LK cartridge, but it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.

Any thoughts?

These carts can be a bit wiggly in the 48s.

Wedge a small standard screw-driver at the bottom between the cart bay and bottom of the cartridge to lift it a bit. This should make the contact work.

We can send a new cart as well if need be! Let me know if it doesn’t work. I’ll email off-list.

cheers Keith.

Thanks for sending out the 4880 LK cartridge, that did the trick. But now I’m getting the same ‘set ink cartridge’ error with the PK. I was running prints fine, then the printer said I needed to replace the PK cartridge. It was still half full with in, so I reset the chip and when I put it back in the error message came back.

Is it something I’m doing wrong with the chip or resetting the chip? Or is it simply that the cartridge isn’t fitting properly into the printer?

Thanks again!

Hmm. Did you do the trick I emailed you about?

Pop a little wedge under each cartridge (between the cart and ink slot) to keep it inside of the printer. There is a small spring that wants to push these carts out. They need to be in further by 1-2mm.


Oh yes, I made a little cardboard shim and got it so there was absolutely no wiggle room - nothing, same issue.

Can you send out another cartridge, or is there something else I should do?