4880 not accepting cartridges

Hello - I posted in September with this same topic. It has started up again. I have tried everything suggested in the past. I wedged cardboard, I put “my name is” stickers on the bottom front edge of the carts, I inserted new chips, my room is 55 rh. I don’t know what to do at this point. The cartridges wont be accepted at random times. Any further suggestions? Thank you.

Have you tried using the epson OEM cartridge chips from your previous cartridges?


I never had original cartridges. However, I did order a set of chips from you in September and I am just opening them. They are for my 4880 printer. These numbers do not match the ink from the epson site. I have chips numbers T6072 through T6077 and T6079 and T6148. How do I know what chip goes where?

OK never mind I found the chip numbers. Now do I cut the plastic tabs when replacing? It seems to me I read not to do that but it is done in the video. Please advise. Thanks

Thanks so much Walter. I don’t now if you have to send a replacement for me. Maybe the part is still ok. This looks like the piece I need

Do you have any instructions on how to install? I looked at all of the ink bays and it seems all of the wires are a little wonky - meaning there is uneven spaces between the tines but they all have 7 tines. nothing is broken or severely bent.

OK I just replaced the lt lt black chip, which is the one that is currently giving me trouble and it still does not read the cartridge. The chip is flush. btw I cut off the back plastic tab and left the one in front intact. What to do now?

Yes please send the manual. Thanks. I’ll keep you posted.

We have sent a cart, you’ll get notification of it pronto.

I can send you the maintenance repair manual if you deem this needed. The repair only requires long handled #1 and #2 magnetic phillips head screwdrivers and time + the cheap CSIC connectors that you linked to.


We’re getting you out a replacement PK cartridge asap.

In the meantime, I’d like you to look into the printer ink bay and look for any damage to the coper wires that the cartridge connects to. These wires are the cartridge chip sensor and are at the top right back of the cartridge slot in the printer. These are very fragile. Too much movement (pushing) into a bay will cause these wires to bend or brake. This design flaw was present in all x880 printers and the replacement parts from Epson available at compassmicro.com do not use wires but use small metal disks that do not break.

You’ll most likely need a flashlight (or iPhone flashlight) too see in there. Look at neighboring ink bay slots for reference.


I will PM it.