4880 Luster/Semi Gloss curves


Dana, Walker-

I have a “new” 4880 that I loaded K7 SpecEd inks in to with the intent of using it for both DN and glossy/luster paper prints.

Looking for a starting point to profile my papers, I started with the K7-SpecEd-PK-MASTER curve. I noticed it looked like there was GO on my first sheet, and sure enough if you look in the curve LLK has GO on it…I certainly wasn’t expecting that. Is that a mistake? Should I update that to all zeros in the curve before I continue?

Any better starting point than the curve I selected for profiling luster and glossy paper? (I’m not using the new PK formula, I’m using the original PK that comes with the set).




These curves put a tiny amount of GO in there on the first print to get ready for a large amount of GO during the second pass.

This helps eliminate gloss differential in the highlights. Out upcoming HD curves (about a week out) are R&D’d to not require any GO in the HLs on the first pass and will allow for GO on the second pass only.