4880 banding/micro banding but a valid nozzle check ( kinda )

hey kids , thanks in advance for any help…I have converted my 4880 to print with CL inks ( vrs pigment ) I have had great success for many years ( on 2 different printers ) BUT this has me in a jam, with a lot of work due . I was able to print thru a job with one bad"pixel" on the PK channel , BUT THIS job with a solid black background will not hide any shortcomings

SO I was able to resolve the single bad block with the short soak, reverse water fall/ water fall method BUT now I get a weird light banding streak 1.5 cm into the image and 1 cm before the end of the image…and the nozzel checks look different to me…Im printing thru color burst rip & tried a 4 pass and 8 pass print, any thoughts ??

thank you for looking