4800 Magenta clog

I have been having quite a time trying to unclog the magenta line in my 4800 running Vivid magenta. Using Piezo Flush, I have done a couple of power cleans & a couple of SSCL’s and I’ve let it set for a few days in between. I get perfect nozzles on all but the magenta. After one round of cleanings, I let it set for about a week and did an auto nozzle check(the kind that prints out blocks instead of staggered lines) and got a solid block but it was more red than PF. I figured that this was just some of the magenta ink being dislodged. The test stopped saying the carts were low. I added more flush, reset the chips and ran a regular check. Perfect check. I let it set for a couple of days, ran another nozzle check and only got a few of the staggered lines. Next check it was totally blank. All the while, the rest of the nozzles printed perfectly. Is this a damper issue, pump issue, print head issue? It’s been almost 4 years since I changed the dampers and have a set ready to install if that’s what it’ll take.

Dear Keith. I’m PMing you on this.