4800 k7 carbon posterization


I have Mac pro and have been using an Epson 4800 with the print tool and Quad Tone Rip with the Canson profiles and all has gone well. I noticed that I am getting posterization with the my prints. What are the possible causes and how do I start to trouble shoot this issue ? I was getting good results so I am baffled.
Carl Quedenfeld


Usually this is due to allowing the printer sit and the pigment falling from suspension. If the printer was sitting for a few weeks. Remove the carts, shake them, then run three power cleans to move freshly shaken ink into the system. Should be normal. But if this does not cure it, then possibly the inks in the carts are contaminated. If that is not it - are you sure you do not have an ink that dropped out? Did you run a nozzle test after a print to confirm. Not [I]usually[/I] be anything else than one of these.