4800 Cartridges , Set Ink CRTG

I bought a used 4800 about a year ago. I purchased some refillable cartridges not from IJM. The cartridges were working fine for many months and then one of them ran low on ink and I was not able to use the printer for several months until I purchased more Piezo ink. After refilling all of the cartridges numerous cartridges would not work and show up as SET INK CRTG. I have been able to reset the problem cartridges but then another one or more cartridges will go bad. I have had the new ink for several weeks but have not been able to get all of the cartridges to be set at one time and have not been able to print. I tried wiping off a couple of chips with alcohol but it did not help. Any thoughts on how to get these cartridges to work again?

You need to put a small cardboard wedge under the cartridge (right where it goes into the bay) to hold it in place more firmly.

Put the wedge in, and gently push the cart in a bit until it is firmly in. This will register the contacts.


Walker, Thanks for your help! That worked.