4 New 3800 Carts 2 not recognized as installed! Did a lot of diagnostics. Please Help



i recently purchases 4 carts and ink for an epson 3800. After install: 2 IJM carts showed up and 3 carts show NOT INSTALLED That is the 2 IJM carts and one very new Epson cart. All OEM carts were working prior to installing new carts.

Note: i have read the recent post that has a cart problem very similar and checked the reset chips as you recommended including 3 tabs / 3 pin length / and red check on box. See below for info

5 C IJM OK (no red check on box)
6 M IJM OK (RED check on box)
7 LC IJM SHOWS CART NOT INSTALLED 3 tabs OK / pin length OK (no red check on box)
8 LM OEM SHOWS CART NOT INSTALLED (OK when LC and Y back in org. OEM carts.)
9 Y IJM SHOWS CART NOT INSTALLED 3 tabs OK / PIN NOT SAME LENGTH (no red check on box)

7 LC and 9 Y OEM carts were low but i had not received a low ink warning or out of ink warning, maybe 10-15%. The light Magenta in between them is very new. 2 colors were out and the printer had sat awhile so bought 2 OEM to make sure that the head was in working order and that i would have OEM chips that were not out (dead)

I tried reseating the chips 3 times I got the same error. I tried removing the LC and Y cart and the OEM still didn’t show up. I tried removing Just the LC and then just the Y and same. those 2 plus the OEM LM did not show up. I PUT the LC and Y chips back in the OEM carts and THEY SHOW UP… including the OEM LM!

The LC and Y reset chips plastic boards have the 3 small tabs mentioned and they seem to snap in fine. The LC cart 3 pins look the same length. The Yellow 3 pins DO NOT look exactly the same length!

So guessing that it is a contact problem? Not sure why the OEM cart between them dose not show up but might be how the software reads the carts.

PS Also: There is no discernible text printed on either reset chip! But i did them one at a time so seriously doubt they got swapped

Need to get printer going ASAP

Oz Maile


Tech support please reply … Need to get this addressed asap

  1. Are you 100% certain that when you pried off the OEM chips from your existing OEM carts and installed them underneath the resetter chips on each of the 3800 refill carts, that you did not swap the color positions by accident? Are you 100% certain that there is an OEM Cyan chip installed underneath the chip on the Cyan refill cart (for example)?

  2. When you say that you tried resetting the chips< what do you mean by that? How did you try resetting the chips?


Jon Thanks for getting back to me. Yes i know the OEM chips where in the correct carts / slots as when I put them back in the corresponding OEM carts all carts show installed. I think that i have read that that your resetter chips are also COLOR SLOT SPECIFIC correct ? is there no way to tell them apart ? (no printing showing) So I did one more diagnostic I swapped the LC and Y resetter chips and for some reason the LC now works.(it is the one thing i was not 100 % sure did not get swapped) BUT anytime i put your yellow cart and the now swapped resetter chip (from the LC) in the printer ALL 3 slots 7 8 9 show no carts installed … So i installed the OEM yellow and all carts show full or almost full … including the OEM yellow which is real low. (seems the OEM got reset) but can’t put the one resetter chip in machine without the 7 8 9 slots showing no carts SEEMS at least one or maybe both resetter chips are flaking cant think of any else …

Note I said reseating not resetting … Took chips out and checked position and if the plastic was snapped in correct etc.

Best “Oz” K B Maile


PS it is the resetter chip for the Yellow that now seems to cause the 7 8 9 slots to not show up …if your going to send a resetter chip for yellow why not send the LC as well that way i have a clean start I’d be happy to return the 2 i have now


Thanks for the detailed information, this is extremely helpful for me to determine the cause of your problem, and get you back to happily printing.

Based on the information you provided, I suspect the Y reset chip isn’t making a good connection with the Epson chip underneath due to the three pins not being equal length, though from what you explain it sounds like you may also be having an issue with the LC, and somehow the Epson LM is being effected… I have done some tests with our 3800, trying a variety of combinations with removing the Epson chip, and switching both Epson and reset chips, but am not able to reproduce what you’re describing. Please try installing the carts as outlined in your original email, with the Epson LC cart/chip installed (in place of the refill cart), along with the Y refill cart and other Epson carts- let me know how the printer responds. Then, try installing the Epson Y cart/chip, along with the refill LC (with Epson LC chip positioned under the reset chip), and other Epsoon carts, and let me know how the printer responds. Please tell me the exact message displayed on the printer’s LCD panel for each test.

Please let me know, and I will await your response.
Thanks and best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update Oz, it looks like we posted messages at the same time. Based on the new information you provided, I feel the Y reset chip is causing your issues, so will send you a replacement Y reset chip in today’s mail.

Please keep me posted and let me know if you have questions, or there’s anything further I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


First Thanks Jon / Dana for sending out the replacement Yellow resetter chip. IT was the problem, Now all 4 Cone and 5 OEMs are registering (full or near full)

I will be getting the rest of the OEMs replaced but they were near full and i have some non critical printing i can do with the mixed carts for a while and make sure all is running right.

2 follow up questions … (1) Now that the i have the 4 Cone Carts in the OEM carts show full of almost full … are the OEM carts reading ink levels ? or are they reset as well ?.. (so will I have to feel how full they are as the cart body in not transparent) (2) Do i have to be real carful not to run the OEM cart to low or empty ? (will they reset or need resetting ? if they get low or out)

Oz / Design Site Inc.


Excellent, I’m glad to hear the new chip solved your issue, thanks for letting me know.

Only the refill cart ink levels will reset automatically, and the Epson cartridge ink levels will continue to go down normally, then indicate they need to be replaced when empty.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: