3880 Yellow Cartridge Not Recognized

I have been gradually converting to ConeColor inks as my OEM cartridges deplete. A couple of weeks ago I installed the Cyan and Yellow cartridges. No problems with the Cyan, but the printer told me that the Yellow cartridge was missing. After removing and installing the cartridge several times I called and talked to Wells. He sent out a new resetter chip for the Yellow position. When I installed that chip on the cartridge the printer indicated that ALL cartridges were missing. The same response as I get if a position does not physically have a cartridge in it. I put the first resetter chip back in and the printer tells me that the Yellow cartridge is missing. Swap back to the newest resetter and it tells me all cartridges are missing. Please help!

Hello Dana, I was hoping to have some sort of feedback on this by now. What can be done to get this problem rectified? There have admittedly been delays on my part due to work demands and the like, but I am currently unable to use my printer until I can find a resolution. Could it be coincidence that I have received 2 bad chips or is there something else that needs to be done?

Hi Bob~

Sorry for not responding sooner, I’m home sick today.

Did you use the chip from your previously working Epson yellow cart on the reset cart? Occasionally a reset chip can be bad, but it would be quite unusual for you to have two bad yellow reset chips in a row! I’m curious if it’s a physical fit of the cartridge in your printer (?) When you install the yellow refill cart, does your printer LCD display “cartridge door open, close door”, or “no cartridge”, or a different message? Do your yellow reset chips have any markings on the top to indicate they’re Y chips?
Please check the reset chips by following the instructions below:
38XX “80ml” refill cart reset chip check:
The plastic base of every 3880 reset chip should have three small plastic tabs around the side that hold it onto the cartridge. If any of these tabs are broken or bent inward, the chip will not stay secured to the cartridge, therefore not have a good connection with the Epson chip underneath, which will cause an error. Also, on the back of every reset chip, there should be three metal pins that stick out and touch the Epson chip- the three pins should be equal length for proper contact with the Epson chip. Please check the plastic base to make sure there are three plastic tabs, and if they are all in place, gently bend them outward slightly to ensure they catch and hold onto the cartridge. Also check to make sure the three metal pins are present and equal length. On the front of the chips, please check the gold contacts to make sure nothing is on the contacts that would interfere with the printer’s ability to read it- if you see anything on the gold contacts, gently clean them with either an alcohol pad or pencil eraser. After checking all these things, push the reset chips back onto their corresponding cartridges and make sure they are pushed all the way onto the cart for a good connection with the Epson chip, then reinsert the cartridges into your printer and see how the printer responds.

Generally, if the printer displays “NO cartridge” and flashes all carts when you install one (when they were all previously working before installing the last cart), this is caused by using a reset and/or Epson chip that is for a different color position. When a single cart displays an error, this is generally caused by a bad chip, or poor connection between the cartridge chip and printer’s chip sensor.

Please let me know so I can help you past this and back to happily printing~ Dana

Hi Dana, sorry to hear that you were under the weather. Hopefully you are doing better by now.

After reading through your suggestions and several other posts on the forum I played around with the fit of the original resetter chip. It seems that it might not have been making good contact with the OEM chip. After several attempts I was able to achieve good contact and the printer then successfully recognized the cartridge.

I still was not able to get the second resetter that Wells sent out to me to work. It appears to be marked for the yellow position, but the printer responds as if no cartridges are present each time I tried to use it.

Anyway, I am back up and running again and got some new images printed this evening. Thanks again for the help and support.

Take Care,


Hi Bob~

Yes, I’m feeling mostly better, and back in the office today- thanks :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear my suggestions were helpful and you are able to get the original reset chip to work. I’m not sure why the second chip isn’t working, but happy you’re back to happily printing.

All the best~ Dana :slight_smile: