3880 Won't Power On

Last week I converted a 3880 to the ConeColor ink system. A few days ago, my printer auto re-booted a few times, in rapid succession. Finally, after 4 or 5 of these cycles, it would not come back on, as if it were disconnected from power. During these auto-reboots, The screen flashed so quickly that I could not see the problem code. I did pick up “contact to support”. I was successful getting it to power on the next day. I ran several tests and it worked fine for one nozzle check, then it started the auto reboot again. This time I picked up code f1c0 before it permanently shut down.

The Epson Service Manual lists all codes Fxxx as either a firmware issue or a main board failure. Epson said the likely cause is either a power supply And/or main board failure. One authorized repair center estimated $200 for a PS and $300 for the main board plus labor plus shipping the printer both ways.

because I just installed a refillable cart system with ConeColor inks, it seems my best option is to purchase a refurb 3880. Although the printer is the same price as the new P800 ($850) if I upgraded to this new design, I’d also be eating the $500 in inks and cartridges I just purchased.

Is there any hope for economically resurrecting this printer?

That certainly is either a power-supply or main-board failure.

I suggest to keep the carts and get a P800. We will be releasing soon for that printer and all you will need is the control chips + the OEM chips that came with the P800. You can use the same 3880 carts/ink that you currently have.

your inks and carts can be used in the P800 if we can get you some new controller chips for your 3880s to turn them into P800s. That does not help you resurrect of course… but we are releasing new P800 carts within a couple weeks and we will have spare controller chips… so keep that in mind as an option as you go forward - it helps mitigate the loss of your inks and cart investment

editing 60 seconds later because Walker and I just wrote over each other at the same moment!! lol :slight_smile: well great minds think alike!

Darn! I spoke with Epson earlier. They were down to 1 refurb 3880 left so I ordered it.

I was informed the refillable cart system for the 3880 would not fit in the P800. That was the deciding difference in my buying the refurb 3880 over the P800. Epson was specific that all refurb sales are final with no returns possible. I may be stuck with the 3880. I got the announcement an hour ago that you would begin Supporting the P800 shortly. Put my photo in the dictionary under poor timing!

On a good note, the 3880 I had was a decent printer. I’m guessing the best choice for it is th garbage heap.

[QUOTE=Cincinnati;11318]On a good note, the 3880 I had was a decent printer. I’m guessing the best choice for it is th garbage heap.[/QUOTE] If you have the room I would keep it for parts. Fill the lines with piezo flush if you can get it turn on one last time.

As far as bad timing, I don’t know. I have the 3880 for Piezography and a P800 for color. The 3880 is a much nicer machine to use. I really hate the front loading paper path. It’s mangled several sheets of 17x22, which gets expensive. It also takes a lot more effort to load. In my mind you lucked out to get a refurbed 3880.

Time will tell on the P800 vs 3880. The 3880 is certainly a worthy investment regardless though (and verified).