3880 woes: Cleaning Error

I need help with my 3880 which I foolishly allowed to sit idle for about 3 mos. So far I have cleaned the wiper and capping station and left it overnight 3-4 times with the head sitting on a print head cleaning solution soaked handi-wipe. I’m new at doing my own maintenance, so I may be wrong, but it seems that my 2 cyan channels are not printing at all. A full color "PrinterEvaluationImage prints cyan splotches very light, cyan purge files seem to print ok, but a blue purge file prints magenta. (I assume “blue” = cyan+magenta+black) The blues on the eval image are actually dark grey.
I have done many auto->nozzle check ->power cleans which never finish, bombing out with “Cleaning Error.” The procedure stops at the 4th col of the first row. Here’s a link to the sheet: Cleaning Error

Any help or further suggestions would be greatly appreciated.