3880 VLM cartridge not recognized



I have a Epson 3880 I purchase 2 sets of cartridges earlier in the year but haven’t been able to install them because original Epson chips weren’t available at the time. The cartridges are filled with PIEZO Flush
The printer isn’t recognizing the VLM cartridge (“please install ink cartridge). I have gone through all the suggested steps for correcting this: checking the click tabs on the reset chip, inspecting the contact pins on the reset chip, pressing the reset chip firmly into place, cleaning the contacts. After no success I replaced the reset chip from my other cartridge (no success) I then removed the chip from the Epson VLM Ink cartridge and also replaced it. Still no success . I have gone thru the reset procedure with the maintenance tank shutting down 3min and replacing cartridges in order. When I put an original Epson Ink cartridge in it is recognized and I am able to operate the printer. I find it odd that both reset chips did not work, also the reset chips are marked VLM but the cartridge is Marked LM
Nothing has made a difference. What would you suggest at this point?

I have ordered replacement reset chips.



Hi Ray~

I’m sorry to hear of your troubles getting the VLM refill cartridge recognized by your 3880 printer. Since you have already tested a second VLM reset chip, and Epson chip, and the Epson cart works well, then it may be a physical fit issue with your LVM refill cart. You said you have two sets of 3880 refill carts (which is where you got the second reset chip to test), can you use the reset and Epson chips from the problem cart on the other VLM refill cart and insert it into your printer to see if your printer recognizes it or gives an error (no need to put ink in the cart if it’s still empty, this is just to check chip read).

Please let me know, so we can get this resolved and you back to happily printing.
Warmly~ Dana


Hi Dana

Thank you for you response

I tried the other VLM cart as suggested with the same result not recognized. I then tried the VLM chip set in a spare black cartridge and it read full. So its not the chips, Its both VLM cartridges that are defective both were purchased at the same time looks like back in 2014 1 is currently filled with Piezo flush the other is untouched.

Please advise if you will replace them or do i need to order a new set.




Hi Ray~

Thanks for the additional information, and for testing the chips/carts as requested. It sounds like a physical fit issue with your VLM carts, which is often fixed by adding a thin paper wedge or few pieces of masking tape to the bottom of the cart to give the chip and sensor a better connection. Have you tried this?


Hi Dana

The tape worked!
Perhaps this information should be added to the instructions (or I need to read more carefully if its already there).
Thank you for the great tech support, just wish the quality control on the manufacturing of the carts was better.

Where can I buy dampers for the 3880 and 3000 . Only source Ive seen seem’s to be from China on e-bay.

Again thanks for you help