3880 switch key problem



I tried to reset my ink cartridges, followed instructions, and now can’t get the switch key to work. Any ideas as to what went wrong?


Proper positioning of the switch key is important for the printer to recognize the cartridge bay door as “closed”. If you have tried different positions as per our instructions, and your printer just isn’t recognizing it now (after working for the past few years), there’s a possibility the button and/or sensor in the printer that detect the closing of the lid are damaged, disconnected or not working properly for some reason (??)

I just reviewed your order history, and see you purchased the set of older 120ml (long, white plastic) model refill carts for your 3880 in 8/2011. I also see you bought a 38xx maintenance tank resetter in 11/2013, which you don’t need to use with the carts you have, because the is cartridge system is designed to reset cartridges when they read empty and the maintenance tank when it reads full by doing the reset procedure.



THanks for the help. Guess I wasted some $$ on that. Should I try to open up the printer and troubleshoot the switch?


Without being at your printer, I just can’t really advise you what to do/check, though know there are two white plastic points that stick out on the left of the switch key slot, and they are connected to a sensor inside the printer.

Best~ Dana