3880 shows no ink

Loaded refillable carts with the piezography inks. The printer recognized all the carts except for the vm. You sent me a new om chip for the cart which I received to day. I changed out the chip and when I put that cart in the printer the led showed “no ink”. I then released all the carts and opened the maintenance tank as you suggest in the instructions for situations where the carts aren’t recognized. I turned off the printer for several minuets and turned it back on. I put the maintenance tank back in and reintroduced the carts one by one starting from the left. Once they were all snugly in the display still showed “no Ink” I closed the cover and the display showed again no ink.

This is very strange given that before replacing the vm cart all the other inks appeared in the display.

What to do?

Hi Frank~

Thanks for the update, I’m sorry to hear your still getting an error with the VM cartridge. Have you tried the second VM reset chip that you have on the new OEM VM chip? I know the new OEM chip works, because I tested it in our printer before shipping to you.

If the printer displays “no ink” or any message other than “cartridge door open, close door” after installing the carts (before closing the cartridge bay door), this indicates the printer will not correctly see/accept all the carts after the door is closed. I have included some instruction below to check the carts, to determine which cart is causing the error, and if it’s a physical fit issue or chip.

3800/3880 “NO Cartridge” errorOccasionally one cart can not have a tight connection between the chip and printer’s chip sensor, which can cause all carts to read “no cart”. In my experience, this one cartridge position is often the yellow for some reason (I don’t know how the chip sensors are programmed/configured, so the Y may somehow be tied in with the other differently?).

Please unlock all 9 carts, then push them all back in snugly, while watching the printer’s LCD panel. When the LCD says “cartridge door open, close door” is when it sees all the cartridge chips, and it’s ok to close the door (but, if it says “no cart” or a similar message, then it’s not time to close the door). On a rare occurrence, when one cartridge chip doesn’t have a tight connection with the chip sensor, adding a thin wedge of paper under the cart makes a good connection for consistent/good read. To do this, take a piece of regular typing paper, about 3x4", and fold it in 1/2 twice so you have a 3x1" folded strip. tape the paper wedge to the bottom of the cart, and insert the cartridge into the printer so it locks into place.

Please let me know what you discover after doing this test, if you have questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best~ Dana :slight_smile:

Victory! Victory! Victory!

Damn you yellow cart!

Again, a profound thank you!

YAY, I am very happy to hear of your success, and glad to have helped.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana