3880 refill cart ran dry, better to power clean or must init fill?

So, I know better. But I didn’t check ink levels soon enough and had Ink 7 - Lt. Bk. Shade 6 position go dry (K7-Carbon). I’d jump out of the window but I only live on the second floor. I’m rather upset at the avoidable problem.

I’ve re-filled all carts, then tried a few regular cleanings, I’ve printed a few sheets of the QT-RIP channel flush image (no ink deposited). Anything else to do before more drastic measures?

Would a power-clean be enough to get the ink back, or must I do an init-fill (and how?)

Do they both use about 30% of your carts’ ink? That’s gonna be expensive.

Any forum-member discounts running in the old Piezo-ink store?

Do 3 power cleanings!


Thank you.

Do I need to leave a time between power cleanings to avoid over heating the print heads?

The carts are all full or almost full, but some of my 110ml supply bottles are about empty. How much of the cart contents will I go through?

Not on this printer.

About 10mLs.


ONE Power Clean got the channel back, thank you so much for the hand-holding.
I confirmed the good nozzle check with a QT-RIP Calibration sheet, the Lt. Blk. was there as it should. Yay.

My partner has her Piezo print website going live today, we have an ad with both our work in an art collector magazine out tomorrow. To have the 3880 up on blocks was quite stressful.