3880 print issues


Up until about a month ago I was able to produce perfect prints using Cone Color Pro with my 3880.
It was always the perfect handshake. The dilemma is that I started getting prints that were washed out.
I have not changed anything, that I am aware of. I My nozzle checks are good. I did three power cleanings in a row and did a proof and it seemed to be closer to a screen match, but not exact. Then I did another proof and the print was too dark. So I let the printer sit over night and did another proof and it was too dark(it did not match the screen). So as a last resort I did 3 more power cleanings to no success. I had an order for 2 prints. I ended up guesstimating. I made curves lighter than the screen and after 5 proofs I had success.
I have never had issues like this even going back to my 7600.
Please help, thank you.


Did you recently fill a cartridge(s)? If you have filled LK into LLK or vis versa this could be the problem. Usually when these questions pop up it’s a “oops I miss-filled my cartridge” problem . . . Emptying the offending cartridge and filling it back up + 3 power cleanings usually fixes the issue.



Walker, Thank you for your quick response.
I have recently filled the carts. Should I pull the all ink out as if to prime the carts?


Could you please tell me how much ink is used to perform 3 power cleanings amount and % of the cart.
Thank you


3 power cleanings = about 15% of the cart I think.



Do this for LK and LLK.



Thank you,


Walker, thank you. I am good!