3880 Print head

While in the process of trying to clear a 150c error and manually moving my print head I noticed, for the first time, little pieces of paper in my print head. Does anyone have any explanation for this? I’ve never noticed this before. Thanks!

What size, where exactly? Can you post a photo?


I hope this image is available to view. This is the first time I’ve posted in this forum. The photo is from the top of the Print Head. The paper is small with little black lines, there looks to be a few other smaller pieces folded or crumbled.

Those are ribbon cables that connect the head to the printer motherboard.


So this is normal? I don’t remember seeing them before. Thank you! If it’s normal I’m guessing it’s not the reason for the 150c error I get and I’ll continue trying to reset my printer to get rid of the 150c error code. Thank you so much for responding! I really appreciate you taking the time.

It is normal.

Here’s an interesting thread re: the 150c error. http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/34356580


Thanks for the link Walker. I’ve had an ongoing problem with the 150c error. It started right after the warrantee (30 days or what ever the # of days was). I’ve read everything I can find about the problem. I’ve been extremely disappointed with Epson; this is a known problem that they have with some of the 3880’s and the cost to repair really isn’t worth it. Research has shown me that Epson doesn’t really know what the problem is. Apparently the 150c error code is ‘code’ for anything could be wrong. People that have paid to have the repair have had a variety of issues fixed. I won’t go on…it’s just really been frustrating.
I’ve been looking at those things that look like little pieces of white paper. They don’t look like they are connected to anything. Some most are folded in weird ways except the one that is in the front of the cover. Thanks, Jeanne

Walker, just looked up ‘images of the print head’ and saw exactly what I see in my print head. Don’t know how I haven’t noticed them before (perhaps I was hoping to find a solution to the 150c error issue)! Thanks for your responses. If you know of anyone that can advise on the error issue I’d love to find a solution. If I can’t get the code cleared by the ‘turn on/off’ solution I may take the whole thing apart! Thanks again, Jeanne