3880 Power Cleaning; Amount of time allowed between sucessive cleanings

I’m setting up some 3880’s with Piezo Flush for long term storage. As I understand it, it takes 3-4 power cleanings to clear the lines and head and, only the MK or PK channel that is selected will be cleared with each run. So, in reality, perhaps as many as eight power cleanings will be done to fully clear the lines. What amount of time should be allowed between successive power cleanings to avoid any potential damage?

On this particular printer, power cleanings will not lead to head damage. This is only present on printers like the 9900s which have rather weak vacume pumps.


If both blacks are OK, why wouldn’t you use an initial fill? That runs both blacks. You could buy the utility for the cost of the ink?

I run the power cleans twice after inserting the Piezo Flush carts with whichever black channel is running at the time. Then I run the 8 channel chart that prints 0-100 on each channel individually. I think it’s in the Quad Tone Rip folder with images. Usually, after two power clean cycles, the chart shows that there is only PF in the lines.
Then I do an black ink change (with PF in the second black channel), and usually get a clean channel after running it once. If not, I’ll do another power clean.
Walker knows best, of course, but I run three power cleans at most and let the printer catch its breath overnight and do another cleaning cycle in the morning, if that’s necessary.
So far that’s done the trick for me and my two 3880’s for a number of summer vacations.

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