3880-Power Clean

Printer won’t let me initiate a power clean cycle to clear a clogged head, indicates there is not enough ink in one cartridge (not the one that is clogged). I filled it 1/2 way (all the ink I had) and still get same message. It seems this is enough ink to run a power cleaning cycle. Is this a chip issue? Please be aware I have the original system for the 3880 conversion (had to use electrical tape to fix the chips, cartridge door does not close b/c cartridges are too long and have to use “set key”, etc.) and have had it for about 3 years. I do not have a chip resetting tool? Is this something that would help and is available for my system?

Hi mule3256~

With the older refill cartridge system that you have, cartridge ink levels are only reset by going thru the reset procedure.
The seven Epson chips and waste ink tank chip should have electrical tape over one contact- but nothing on the two large controller cartridge chips.

Your cartridge may not be reading low enough ink level to reset, but too low for the printer to do a power clean cycle, so you will have to do a few regular cleaning cycles to get the cartridge reading down to be able to reset it.

I hope this helps.
Warmly~ Dana :slight_smile: