3880 Not recognizing flush cart - LC channel

We are preparing for a move, so I installed new Peizoflush carts in my color 3880. (It had been working fine just days before.) It would not recognize the LC cart. Tried changing the Epson chip to another. No go. Tried the LC Peizoflush cart from my P Pro b&w printer, which works fine on that printer (no go), and conversely, tried the original Peizoflush cart on Pro printer and recognized fine. Finally, just tried to install a brand new Epson LC cart, just to double check. No go.

So after all that I’m thinking something broke in the printer when removing Epson color and installing flush carts. (probably something I did. No, I didn’t use a hammer :wink: )

So just wondering what “could” be wrong with the printer, and any ideas how much to fix? Note: It is my oldest printer. Hundreds of prints. Just wondering how much to allocate for “repair” vs just moving on to a newer model? Thanks! Don