3880 not printing sharp

Ive had a 3880 since it was sold with zero issues. It sat for two months or so and I went to print and ran a nozzle check. Needed clean, fine, did it and all nozzles firing. Weird thing is everything is out of focus. Even the borders aren’t crisp(where edge of print meets white paper. Thoughts? The old epson ran nozzle checks where you see if the lines are lined up. This one runs a bunch of colored grids but I can’t make out out to read it. Anyone else seen this?

please share photos, thanks


Here is a test chart. As you can see it is a jumbled messIMG_9266

So you have a major head slant on the head itself. You need to do a PF and CR head slant test and adjustment

The maintenance manual for this is at Epson Wide Format group at groups.io (google it) in the files section.


Thank you Walter. If correct, I need a windows machine to do this or might I find adjust wizard for Mac?

Also, is there any way to do a factory reset? Find it weird it went this far out. It was in a cabinet untouched?? Might just be time to buy a p900 instead of dealing with this