3880 misbehaving

Good afternoon:

Two weeks ago I printed from my 3880 with Cone inks and had the usual very good results. I have been away, printer off, and when I fired it up again all my prints no matter how I configure the system (ICC controls color, Printer controls color, etc) the prints are washed out and not vivid. I filled all the cartridges to make sure they were full, ran a power clean, and had exactly the same results. The last thing I did this afternoon was change to printer controls color and got a slightly better print, but not acceptable.

What should I do next?

Thank you all.

Have you verified a GOOD Nozzle Check?

I recommend you:

  1. Make sure all channels are fully printing on your nozzle check
  2. Uninstall and reinstall the Epson print driver, then do a test print

Please let me know your results, or if you have further questions.
Thanks~ Dana