3880 maintenence cart resetter no longer working

Trying to use the resetter on 3880 maintenence carts
Getting a green light on the resetter but when I put the cart back in the ink level is still the same
It has worked in the past but doesn’t seem to be doing anything now


You are using the double-cart trick right?

It won’t work on just one cart.

You need to:

  1. Pull the cart before it reads totally full of waste ink.
  2. Reset it.
  3. Put the other cart into the 3880 to register a different cart.
  4. Remove other cart and put reset cart back in.


aaah thanks Walker, I haven’t done this in a while so forgot 2 carts were needed.
I think all of my carts read full now apart from the one I’m currently using


I did have 2 useable carts, got them both back to full bar now. Appreciated.