3880 Maintenance Cover

Received new Piezo K7 ink with the new HD black inks. I took 2 new cartridges with the appropriate top chips MK & PK and filled them with the appropriate black inks. I transferred the OEM chips from the prior cartridges to the new MK and PK carts. I then decided to do a reset following the instructions contained in “HELPFUL INFORMATION” After following the instructions faithfully I turned printer back on. The LCD now displayed the following legend, xMaintenance Cover, open and close the maintenance cover, which I did and nothing changed in the LCD display. Cannot open the ink cover in spite of opening and closing the maintenance door. I have even pulled the maintenance cart out reinserted it and then closing the door again. I have tried turning the power off again and doing the maintenance thing again but to no avail. The LCD is stuck at that message above. The situation now is that I am effectively locked out of using the printer. Can anyone tell me how I can remedy this situation so that I can get back to using my printer?? It would be much appreciated.

You can manually force the ink cover up. It will unlock.

Most likely an OEM chip is miss-aligned or backwards) or a control chip is lifted up a bit. This can make the “No Maintenance Tank” error happen. It could be a problem OEM chip as wel.

Procedure. Take your OEM chips and put them back onto the Epson chips. Put these back into the printer and make sure everything is ok. Then replace 1 cartridge at a time from left to right verifying that the printer turns on a pressurizes each time.

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Thanks Walker…I forced the ink cover open, but the same message about the ink tank cover remained which led me to inspect the ink tank door. I found that it was off its hinge buttons and therefore could not report it closed. After properly installing the door all was good. I also found that I did not install the MK OEM chip correctly causing it to raise the auto reset chip. After seating the OEM chip correctly, all was good and I am back in business. I really appreciate your help. Lesson learned. One can’t be too careful following instructions.