3880 Inks in the wrong slots


I recently refilled my 3880 carts using the carbon inks and found that the resulting prints were not right. They had a bronzed look in the mid tones. I printed out a calibration chart in QTR and I discovered that I had switched the VM and the LVM carts in the printer. I hadn’t realized that the printer would allow this mainly because each cart has a chip identifying it to the printer.

In any case I discovered the mistake today and ran five cleanings. I printed out another calabration chart which shows slightly different tonalities in the Magentas from the first chart which I took to meanthe inks are clearing. But when I attempted a print it was clear they weren’t back to normal. Any thoughts?


Hi Frank~

I suggest you print some purge sheets from the VM and VLM channels to get the correct shade ink flowing again. For instructions on how to do this, and to download the purge images you need, please go here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?166-Flush-individual-channel-using-QTR-Calibration-Mode

Please let me know if you have questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Warmly~ Dana :slight_smile:



I removed the inks from the VM and VLM carts suctioned out the ink and put new ink in. I downloaded the VM and VLM tiffs and printed them in calibration mode at 100 %. I ran the VLM twice. Afterwards I made a print. The image no longer contained the bronzing I had seen earlier but it was a long way from the profile. I am wondering if I sent you a calibration print from my 3880 whether you could determine what else might be wrong. Otherwise I should start all over which is going to put me in an economic bind. Any other ideas. I’m pretty lost for thoughts right now.


Hi Frank~

Did you correctly fill the VM and VLM carts, but install them in each other’s slots in the printer- or were the carts in the right spots in the printer, but filled with the wrong ink shades?

If you have refilled the two carts, and printed some purge sheets, but your print output still doesn’t look right, it would be helpful to see a print sample (possibly the same image you sent me previously, to easily compare) and printed Ink Separation image. You can either mail them to me (same address you sent targets to recently), or upload scans by following instructions for uploading images to this forum, here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?152-How-to-attach-images-to-this-forum

Best~ Dana


I discovered the inks were in the wrong slots yesterday. I put them in the right slots and I ran five cleanings and did a print. It wasn’t right. I then suctioned out the inks from each cart and refilled them with fresh ink. I then did the calibration tiff several times for each color and then a print. I will send you a scan of the calibration print and of the the differences between what I got before my misfortune and what I am getting now.


Ok, thanks for clarifying. I will await the images, and let you know my thoughts after reviewing them.



Here are the two files you asked for. Color is off but it give the idea of what happening.


Thanks Frank, this is very helpful.

I have attached the images you previously sent, to have everything together in this thread.
The prints below were made prior to correcting the ink shade placement, before we determined what was wrong:



The bottom print was printed using the carbon inks and HM rag before refilling the inks. The upper print was made today after all my efforts to get the magenta’s right.



I’m unclear what to do now. The prints are not the same. The bottom one was made some time ago when I first started printing and all was well. the top print represents the ink set as it is today. Each was done with the same paper and same profile. the calibration test is also the ink set as it is today. Advise.


So, your latest print output looks a lot better than before, but flat and darker than it should be in the midtones. Looking at your latest Ink Separation printout, I don’t see a difference between the ink densities in the M + LM channels… How many of what size flush images did you print with the M + LM channels after refilling/reinstalling the two carts? If you didn’t do enough to get pure ink printing, the two channels may look the same due to mixing of inks in the lines, and ink from the refilled carts hasn’t fully made it’s way to the print head yet (?)