3880 ink problems

Despite multiple cleanings, including several power cleanings, I continue to get test prints that show partial block of the matte and photo black nozzles with breaks/absences in the horizontal lines. Also, there is complete absence of the yellow ink. After power cleanings, the level of ink in the yellow cart does decrease.

Is there a cost efficient solution that might be tried?

The printer is about 6 years old and also creates ink streaks unless the widest platen is employed. If the printer is beyond repair, what is the best way to transport the ink carts to be used at another location? Does the ink need to be removed from the carts or can they be wrapped in plastic wrap for transport?

Thanks, Mark

If this is causing ink streaks and not cleaning properly, most likely your ink flush box and capping station are entirely gunked up and your head has lots of crud on it as well.

Videos at the bottom of this page: Print Head Cleaning Tips and Preventative Maintenance


Walker is right. I had a problem where I was getting black smudges and when I ran nozzle checks I would get black ink carrying to the yellow pattern. At first I thought it was the matte/photo ink changing mechanism. I opted to try cleaning the capping station on my 3880. I thoroughly cleaned the caps, rubber gaskets, and wiper blade. I actually removed the housing of the printer so I could more easily access the capping station and rotate the wiping blade gear to fully expose it. After cleaning and letting it drain 3 times the patterns were perfect and my ink changing was perfect as well. Follow Dana’s instructions on the video.
Good luck

Thanks to you both. Where do I find instructions for removing the housing?

I’ll PM you the instructions

Thanks for the instructions. I removed the housing and cleaned up capping station, etc. Still have streaks.

Also, no yellow ink being deposited. The ink level goes down after power cleaning. So it must be a problem with the nozzle being very clogged. Any way to open that up?


I suggest a search of this forum. There are others who have gone through this experience here.


I’ll be posting some relevant information in my thread shortly. Basically I completely drained the ink lines and flushed the backing plate on the ink tank side. You may need to flush the dampers as well; checking the screen on the opposite side of the big round valve may be an indicator. Completely missing VM channel

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