3880 has died -> P800?


My 3880 died after 8 years service. There seem to be none available. Have used Cone ink since purchasing this printer. I guess I most move to another model. I’ve noticed that Cone ink’s do not support newer Epsons. Is this correct? I’d like to keep 17” printing and a roll would be wonderful. I do a lot of very wide panos. Does anyone have a better printer recommendation than the P800?

Printer requirements.
“Moderate usage.” I’m a sports reporter (small school, small town paper). I also print and frame my own work. Currently with no sports, no galleries, no restaurants, and a closed Farmers Market sales are way off. Still, need to keep working. I live in the heart of the Sonoran Desert so yes, it gets real dry - as in 6% relative humidity at times. Didn’t have a lot of trouble with inks drying though a head cleaning has to be done fairly often.

I have two complete sets of 3880 carts and was hoping to get into piezo, but not likely now.

P800 questions
Epson is offering a P800 refurb at a compelling price, so questions if anyone is willing. Are the carts are the same as 3880? I think so but must confirm.
Print quality? Pleased with the 3880 and would assume p800 is similar?
My only complaint with the 3880 is that it hates to take wide (>13”) paper. I hope the P800 does better?

Does anyone have Epson refurb experience? They don’t actually warrant the printers sold this way.

I’ve read of the Chipless firmware update. Is this reliable and doable? I recognize I’d have to borrow a DOS box to update but can do so. Relatively comfortable working at a command line, so does this proceedure seem overly complex to you?

Finally, if you have other replacement suggestions, I’d love to hear them. I am currently - as our Brit friends would say - in reduced circumstances, so total cost is a key issue.

Thanks for your time, attention, and assistance.

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I have checked the recommended posts but there doesn’t seem one with all the answers I need.

Yes. Same carts.

Similar if not better than 3880.

A tiny bit better but still problem.

P800 refurbs are good. The only refurbs I don’t recommend purchasing are 4900s.

No need for DOS. Just windows XP -> 10. It’s very reliable. Several dozen if not hundreds of our customers have gone that route successfully.

You can keep your ink investment with the P800 (same carts). Just make sure to get a bottle of Vivid Magenta HDX ink and our Ultra HD MK / HD PK ink to get it up to snuff.



Thank you much for the detailed information. I’m going ahead and buying the P800. Looks as if it will do the job at an affordable price. I had been put off by the $300 add-on board, but with this firmware solution, it has become doable. And again, I really appreciate the superb service all of you at Cone have given me.


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