3880 Fails to Recognize Carts

After converting from 120ml Cone carts to the 80ml type, the printer does not recognize that any carts are installed. Swapped chips from 120 to 80 carts, purchased LK, LLK and Cyan chips and installed and have verified twice that all are oriented properly. When I first turned printer on it did not recognize the Cyan cart. Repowered and then it did not see Cyan and Magenta carts a third repower and it failed to see Cyan, Magenta and VLM carts. After fourth repower no carts are now recognized. Please advise. I think the unit is confused. Is there a master Epson reset that can be performed to clean out memory? It may think the 120ml carts are still installed.

Things have improved with multiple power cycles and reseating of carts. Now only Magenta cart is failed to be recognized. Possible faulty cart or chip from previous 120ml cart. 80ml cart is labeled Magenta but the position on the printer label says VM (for Vivid Magenta). I am sure this is one and the same but would like confirmation. May need to order another 80ml Magenta cart and OEM chip to determine what is at fault.

Please confirm- are you using a 3800 or 3880 printer model? I ask because after reviewing your order history, I see you purchased a set of the older 120ml refill carts for a 3800 in 2010, and recently bought the new style refill carts for a 3880 (including Vivid Magenta and Vivid Light Magenta). The two models use the same carts/chips, except in the M/LM and VM/VLM positions.
If you are using a 3880 model printer, you will need an OEM VM and VLM chip from Epson carts, as well as the VM and VLM specific reset chips for the refill carts- but, if you are using a 3800 printer, you will need M/LM chips from Epson 3800 carts, and M/LM specific reset chips.

Please check and let me know the exact printer model you’re using so I can help you get past this and back to happily printing.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks Dana. I have a 3880 model. Up until today a combination of the same issues indicated in my first post above persisted even after receiving a replacement magenta OEM chip. Was not aware that both M/VM and LM/VLM OEM chips needed changing out. At this time only the M/VM has been replaced but the interesting thing is the unit appears to now have accepted all the carts after a 2 - 3 days power down (with the power cable removed)!! That is correct, up until 3 days ago the unit would not recognize the cyan or magenta carts no matter what I tried. After an extensive power off/unplugged period all carts are now accepted and printing even with the original VLM chip installed! I think that memory had to be completely drained to “unconfused” the machine. That is why I asked if a master 3/4/5/6 finger reset while powering up procedure existed to do in minutes rather what apparently took days. I guess I should change out the original VLM to a new LM OEM chip just in case? Please advise.

Thanks for the update. If you have a 3880 printer, then the refill VM and VLM carts you ordered are correct for your printer model, and it your printer is correctly recognizing all the carts now, then I suggest you begin printing- but let me know if you experience any other errors or issues that I can help you with.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

After repowering the unit /reseating carts/leaving powered off for several days I intermittently lose communication with the Cyan cart and now always the Magenta cart. Grrrr… not sure how to proceed next. Not even sure purchasing and installing original Epson carts back in the machine would solve the problem. Any “1st birthday” reset of the 3880 you are aware of that might clear out corrupted memory that could be causing the problem?

Did you try removing + reinserting the two carts showing the error?

Numerous times. I’ve tried have removing all carts, powering unit down for a day +, repowered and after initialization reinserted carts in DESCENDING order 9 - 1, shut the cart lid and SOMETIMES only the Magenta cart fails to be recognized but most times both Cyan and Magenta are not. WHEW…

I have also tried the above inserting the carts in ASCENDING order and most times none of the carts are recognized!!

Thanks for the additional information. What you are reporting is certainly not normal, and shouldn’t be necessary for get good/consistent results from your new 3880 refillable cartridge system.
Before closing the lid after reinserting all the refill carts, does the printer’s LCD panel read “Cartridge cover open, close cover” or a different message?

Have you already checked the chips on the Magenta and Cyan carts? If not, here is some information for checking the cartridge chips:
The plastic base of every 3880 reset chip should have three small plastic tabs around the side that hold it onto the cartridge. If any of these tabs are broken or bent inward, the chip will not stay secured to the cartridge, therefore not have a good connection with the Epson chip underneath, which will cause an error. Also, on the back of every reset chip, there should be three metal pins that stick out and touch the Epson chip- the three pins should be equal length for proper contact with the Epson chip. Please check the plastic base to make sure there are three plastic tabs, and if they are all in place, gently bend them outward slightly to ensure they catch and hold onto the cartridge. Also check to make sure the three metal pins are present and equal length. On the front of the chips, please check the gold contacts to make sure nothing is on the contacts that would interfere with the printer’s ability to read it- if you see anything on the gold contacts, gently clean them with either an alcohol pad or pencil eraser. After checking all these things, push the reset chips back onto their corresponding cartridges and make sure they are pushed all the way onto the cart for a good connection with the Epson chip, then reinsert the cartridges into your printer and see how the printer responds.

Please let me know if you have questions, or what you discover after checking the chips.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: