3880 Control Chip

How do I go about getting a new LLK control chip?
I have had a lot of trouble with “no cartridge installed” warnings, the latest error claimed something was wrong with the maintenance tank which caused a total lockup of the printer, a new maintenance tank did not help. After I figured out how to get the cartridge lid open, no response with this error, (combination of turning the printer on and off and holding down the release button along with messing around with the maintenance tank door did the trick) I removed all the cartridges and replaced them one at a time. The LLK caused this maintenance tank error every time, also tried a new OEM chip under the control chip. A quick trip 30 miles to Santa Barbara and back with a new OEM LLK did the trick. I also purchased a new VLM cartridge since I have been getting errors on that cartridge since I installed the set. A new control chip may be order for that one too. I love the ink and price point but a little bit uncomfortable with the cartridges.

I noticed that the contacts on the Epson OEM chips show embedded marks from the printer contacts, a sign of good soft metal and a bit of gold for good conductivity. The control chip contacts do not show any such markings and may be the reason for some of the problems with the printer not reading the cartridges. With cheaper contacts, minor oxidation can occur. I am going to try a product called (DeoxIT® D-Series - Contact Cleaner & Rejuvenator) commonly used in electronics to renew the surface of substandard contacts. My next refill I will give this a try and see if this helps, if so that will be ongoing preventive maintenance. I also noticed that some of the Control Chips, the plastic hold down at the front of the chips (this is a small plastic melted down post that helps hold down the circuit board) sticks up in front of one of the contacts more than others. Actually, one of them covered a portion of the contact. I used a razor blade and trimmed them down to be a no factor.

I also used a micrometer to measure the cartridge size difference and chip alignment vs OEM and find them spot on so I don’t’ think that’s the problem.

Sorry for the long post, this is my first, I hope I did it right.


You will find them in our accessories section here

Thanks for the fast response, chips ordered.