3880 Clogged Black Channel

HI Dana, Walker & Jon

I have been using Cone Color in my 3880 for the past two or three years. My ink supply was getting dated so I just purchased a new set of carts, Piezo flush and a full set of inks w/the new blacks.

I cleaned my capping station a few weeks ago with some PiezoFlush I had on hand but was getting a small amount of missing spaces on the nozzle checks. Mostly in the yellow and a few spotty spaces in the PK. When I got the new shipment I emptied my old carts of ink and filled them with PiezoFlush, ran 2 power cleaning cycles from the printer w/the PK channel, then switched to the MK and ran a Power Cleaning cycle and printed a nozzle check and the black channel was totally clogged.I cleaned the capping station and scrubbed the print head as per your video, then ran several power cleaning cycles from both PK & MK setups. I ran nozzle checks in between but am only getting about 5 small dashes appearing in the BLk channel patterns. I have let the printer sit with the PiezoFlush carts installed for several 24-48hour periods between power cleaning. Any other suggestions?

Refill and re-prime your cartridges and do 2 power cleanings and check again.



I am having the same issue. I have been running Piezo old black inks on 3880 and never clogged, but just after switched to the new Photo Black, only the PK channel is clogging.
Could you let me know if your issue has been fixed?

Thanks, Shin

Related to @kerry and @ono333 this is probably a black damper switch that is stuck. This is a very common problem on this printer model and happens regardless of Epson or Non-Epson carts installed (fixed in the P800 btw). The reason why I had you @kerry do a few more cleanings as it happend right when you switched cartridges and it’s relatively cheap to figure out if it’s the carts (it isn’t). That said, the switch problem only really appears when the K channel gets power cleaned or switched (or used) which is what happened when you switched your ink for new ink.

In short, both you have a damper problem. @ono333 has the classic damper PK leak (most likely if you look at your PK cartridge it has emptied) and @kerry has a damper that is stuck between PK and MK.

Both need new ink supply systems (which are problematic to install) or you can simply put empty carts in the channels that aren’t working and use K6 Piezography with your black ink of choice in the Yellow channel.


Thank you for the detailed reply.

I re-filled and re-primed the cartridge and then the problem was solved.

Thank you again!

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