3880 cartridges not showing on test print

Hi i have a 3880 and just loaded new cartridges but some are not showing in test print. The third and 8 th slot with the second and 7th quite light but there. I don’t know which is the third and 8 th cartridges as there are nine. I suspect the GO does not print bit not sure. Have checked cartridges are loaded on the 3880 screen but not sure what else to do. Have checked the placement of chips and all seem fine. Had done a test print prior with epson and printed fine also test prints after inkjet cartridges were fine until color ran out. Checked prime all seems fine. Not sure what to do but after power cleaning realized i had maintanence cartridge full so now looking for new one. Any ideas

Hi Francesco~

I see you purchased a Piezography matte/gloss setup for your 3880 printer in Nov 2013, are you just installing the inks and carts? If so, I hope you shook all the ink bottles before filling carts.

Just like when printing a nozzle check with Epson inks, only 8 colors/channels print (only one black prints at a time, depending on which black ink mode you’re in).
From left to right, the order of the 3880 nozzle check is: K, LK, LLK, C, M, LC, LM + Y. For Piezography inks, this translates to be: shade 1, 6, GO, 2, 4, 3, 5 + 7. (shade 1 is black, and 7 is VERY light)
GO prints clear, and is only visible on glossy paper, and shade 7 is VERY light, so some people have a hard time seeing it on plain typing paper.

I hope this helps.
Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

HI Dana:

I printed on glossy and the GO or LLK slot showed up and number 7 or +Y was very faint but saw it in a lupe. I just did install them and shock the ink quite well. So, the installation went well I just did not know what to look for. I have a second set of cartridges to use with flush when I leave for more than a month. Do I need a set of Epson chips to install in the flush cartridges and if I do, do you sell them?

Excellent. Yes, any refill cart you use needs the matching color-position Epson chip attached under the reset chip in order to work. Yes, we have a few sets of 3880 OEM chips left, but they’re not online. You can contact Wells at wells@inkjetmall.com and request a set (the SKU# is RCS-3880-CHIPS).

Warmly~ Dana :slight_smile: