3880 Cartridges not recognized

I just installed a set of cartridges with the Piezo Pro inks. Two of the cartridges weren’t recognized (PK and LK). I tried reseating them several times. I also tried going through the full reset process described on page 4 of the instructions. None of this resolved the problem.

I have a second 3880. The new cartridges are recognized in it, but the Epson ink cartridges aren’t recognized in the converted printer.

I did have some problems with seating the controller chips and wonder if I damaged the contacts on the converted printer.

Is there a way to check this out?

Check out this post: Total failure, IJM carts in 3880. Bad printer?

Yes, I’ve been through these instructions several times. I’ve tried the tape technique and so forth. I have moved OEM and Piezo cartridges between two different 3880s. The OEM cartridges work correctly in either printer. The printers consistently throw an error messge about the LK cartridge. I finally went through the step of substituting OEM cartridges with Piezo cartridges one by one, and discovered that it was actually the LLK (Chroma Overprint) cartridge that was causing the error message. When that slot has the OEM cartridge and all other positions are filled with the Piezo inks, there is no error message.

I took a close look at the large auto reset chip. One of the three pins does not extend very much at all past the plastic platform.

Could I please be sent a replacement auto reset chip?

On its way. I will PM you.