3880 Cartridges not being recognized

I have been successfully using Inkjet Mall cartridges and inks for several years. Suddenly, the printer is showing all cartridges as not installed. I removed and reinserted the cartridges and then for a brief time two cartridges are indicating as uninstalled. When I remove, shake and reinsert these two, again, it indicates all cartridges are not installed. Any ideas? My 3880 is at least 6 years old, so may be in need of replacement.



First off, congrats for keeping that printer going for 6 years.

I think you may have a chip or control chip that is miss-aligned.

Look very carefully at your printer cartridge and see if any one of them is up more than another.

Putting a piece of tape over the back of the control chips and securing them tight against the cartridge body can keep them from going wonky inside of the printer.

Let me know if this works.

Walker. Thanks for your quick response. It does not appear that any of the chips are sticking up or misaligned. The puzzling thing at this point is that all the cartridges are blinking as though there is a generalized problem instead of an issue with just one or two cartridges. What is the general life span of a 3880?



You are at the end-of-life for this printer.

However, the way this printer reads the ink cartridges is in sequence from left to right. If a single cartridge is miss-aligned or worn out, it will not necessarily show an error as a single cart being wrong, but very well might show all the carts blinking.

Do you still have old OEM carts lying around? This could prove useful in debugging.


I do have a couple of them that I have moved to chips to the new carts. What do you suggest?