3880 Cartridge Levels Reset to Full

The prints on my Epson 3880 were coming out poorly. I ran the usual diagnostics with no success. I then realized that the ink levels were reading 100% full even though they were not. I ran through a power cleaning cycle and for some reason, after this, the ink levels updated. I then made a print and everything looked good again. This seems like a glitch to me and would not bother me except that overtime I turn on the printer, the levels are back to full and I have to repeat the process. This is wasting a ton of ink and filling up my maintenance cartridge. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have a fix? Thanks for all the help.

As it is stated in the instructions for this product, the ink levels on these cartridges always show full. This is due to the unique way that we had to circumvent the Epson cartridge protection system on this model of printer. You must regularly visually check the ink levels on your cartridges on the 38xx printers.


I’m sorry I didn’t see that in the instructions. Is this a new feature? I purchased the ink several years ago and it always showed an accurate amount of ink level up until recently.

It has always been there. If you don’t take a cartridge out it will read “accurately” from full to empty. Each pull of the cartridge resets to full though.

You may have been lucky in that the only times you pulled these cartridges were the times you needed to fill them.