3880 carriage cover strikes under side of case

hi, I have recently replaced the ink system in my 3880. It seem to be back to printing like always, but one issue that I now have is that when the platen gap is set to 3.5, the carriage cover will strike the undersides of the case on both sides. I have checked the carriage cover and I believe it is seated on the carriage — however, I cannot remove the cover without removing the printer casing — which I was hoping to avoid. I can’t imagine the cause for this problem other than the cover is not fully seated on the carriage. I used the maintenance program (which does run under a bootcamp install of win10 on my macbook) to adjust the platen gap up and down to check when it was striking the case. Apparently, it is standard behavior for the printer to set the gap to 3.5 when you load paper via the front or rear slots — until it checks the paper width, after which the platen is lowered. If anyone has any other thoughts or insight, I would appreciate some guidance on this issue.



Well, that was easy enough. When I removed it carriage cover the second time and studied the cover with a bright light, I saw the small tab connector at the back of the cover that I had not connected during reassembly. Once I snapped it into place and replaced the screws, all is now well with my 3880.