3880 calibration: prints coming out darker than expected. What to do?

I have a 3880 with Pro inks that has served me well for a couple of years. For some reason now prints are coming out darker than they appear on the screen. I have calibrated the monitor multiple times but it still happens. I wonder if this is a paper/ICC issue, or something else. Mostly I’m wondering what to do.

Did you upgrade your system recently? Gamma issues can and have happened because of this and also if not using gray gamma 2.2, etc.

I verify all inks by spectrophotometer before OK’ing the batch so unless you inks have settled it’s not that. Most likely a gamma shift in your workflow if inks have been agitated regularly.

Share screenshots?


Thank you. I will check the gamma. I did upgrade to the most recent OS on my iMac.

And I’ll refill and agitate the inks both before I fill the syringe and in the cartridge.

Thank you.