3880 Auto Nozzle check vs Manual

You’ll not want to do any auto nozzle checks with PiezoFlush. Turn this off on the Printer Setup from the control panel of the printer. The Manual Nozzle check is accurate.

My suggestion, refill and re-prime your cartridges (you can add some percentage of distilled to the carts if you are low on PiezoFlush although you need more than 50% PF) and do 1 power cleaning (not initial fill). Then check your nozzles.


I’m trying to clear several blocked channels in a 3880 I recently bought used. I’ve done 3 initial fill cycles with Piezoflush in all cartridges using the Windows program and have done a manual nozzle check in between each one. The Cyan and Yellow channels remain almost completely blocked on the Manual Nozzle check, but the Auto Nozzle check prints across the whole page (there are some dropped out areas, but mostly in the middle).

Does the Auto check use all color channels or just MK?

Did several more power cleanings with Pizoflush and a manual nozzle check between each one. The Cyan and Yellow are still virtually absent on the nozzle check. I’ve also flushed the capping station several times, cleaned the wiper blade several times and did the paper towel +Pizoflush soak for the printhead several times. I’ve looked at the ink lines and the yellow and cyan lines are completely filled with ink while the other colors are filled with Pizoflush. Also the Pizoflush in the Cyan and Yellow cartridges have remained full during all of these steps. Any further suggestions before I contact Epson to see about an overhaul?

The only other suggestion I have is to get a small format flush kit, pull apart the printer, pull our the dampers, and every-so-gently manually purge the nozzles of the print head. The reason why we do not document or officially supported this procedure is you don’t want to get ANY liquid on the exposed circuits or ribbon cable that connects to your print-head, so you have to be careful.

My hunch is that this is a truly clogged nozzle and not really anything else.