3880 Adjustment wizard program 2 w/ epson colormetric calibration

Hello, Earlier this year, I replace the ink supply system on my 3880. Since then, I purchased the adjustment wizard program to reset the count. I noted the part of the program that epson used to bring each printer to within spec by performing an individual cal of the ink head (Colormetic Calibration, in Epson speak). I have attempted to run the program, but nothing happens when I click the start button-- can anyone tell me – does this prat of the program function?


This never functioned (never programmed) because epson decided to place this functionality upstream in the driver and provide a free program to do this. I’m forgetting exactly what that program was called now . . . generally it’s fine to just build ICC profiles over existing lower-level calibrations (media type and head voltage)


Walker —— Thanks for the answer. Do you know if the colormetic calibration part function in ver 1 o the program? Its curious that epson put a section how to use the program in the 3880 service manual if in never worked.

I ask about the program because since I replaced the ink system of my 3880, I have noted that on some prints, the dark areas, especially of clouds, can exhibit very minor but noticeable magenta coloration. Ive run all of the alignment and cleaning modules in the program, but there is no charge in the prints. So I’ve been curious if the cal program would offer any additional benefit.

I’ve also looked for information on my results from the head alignment modules of the wizard program. See attached images— the repair manual does not provide any interpretation of the results







Johnny Brian