3800 yellow cart not recognized


Hi, I’m using the working (“ink level low”) yellow OEM chip mounted under the resetter chip on the refillable cart/resetter chip purchased from Inkjet Mall. I’m unable to get the cart recognized by the printer after several hours of work.

Tried all troubleshooting advice multiple times to no avail. Chip is flat and well seated. A new OEM full yellow cart works fine.

The error message shows blinking cart location and message “cart missing” or something similar.

Tried pushing, tilting cart. Removing cart. Reinstalling. Tried resetting printer by removing/replacing carts and maintenance cart as described in troubleshooting section. Did this twice.

I purchased a full set of refillable carts and plan to replace as the OEM carts get low. Yellow was my first try.

New reset chip? New cart?
Thank you.


First thing is to replace the OEM cart chip with the one from the refill cart and see if this registers properly. If no, it’s the OEM chip, if yes, we’ll send a new control chip asap.



Thanks, Walker. Replaced OEM chip into OEM cart and registers fine, no error codes. Must be the control chip.


Ok. New control chip coming to you ASAP.

Sorry for the delay,